While Banajit Hussain’s systematic demographic analysis of the migrant population in western Assam is welcome and acceptable (“Riots & the bogey of Bangladeshis,” Aug. 8), his conclusion that there has not been significant migration of Bangladeshis into Assam after Partition is questionable. His article reinforces the fact that not all Muslims in Assam are “illegal migrants.”

The government should release the facts in the public interest so that rightful citizens are not affected, and illegal migration, if any, can be checked effectively.

Mohammad Imtiyaj Khan,


The Assam riots are not a Hindu-Muslim issue as Khilonjia Assamese Muslims have never felt threatened. The argument that there are no Bangladeshis in Assam undermines historical evidence and sociological perspectives. There may be a decline in the numbers but to say that their numbers are insignificant amounts to living in an unrealistic world.

Ibu Sanjeeb Garg,


Assam has been witnessing ethnic violence for over two decades. One of the main reasons is migration from Bangladesh. The same problem is seen in other north-eastern States too.

D. Nanjundan


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