This refers to Arundhati Roy’s exclusive article “A perfect day for democracy” (Feb.10). These days it has become typical for the intelligentsia to counter a popular opinion. However, in doing so, what they say lacks convincing facts and the person often ends up sounding absurd. Ms Roy appears to have depended on titbits of information to create an atmosphere of cynicism thereby overlooking the capability of the Supreme Court to deliver impartial justice. It has to be noted that the case has been deliberated upon with diligence. Though its timing might have been politically motivated, shouldn’t Afzal Guru be punished for his involvement in the heinous act? Or can Ms Roy give readers something more than just incomplete pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to solve?

Nimit Suri,


The exclusive was shocking. Ms Roy has described those facts already considered in detail by the Supreme Court in the order dated 4/8/05. The highest court has, in elaborate detail, dwelt on the facts and circumstantial evidence and only then arrived at the conclusion that “there is sufficient and satisfying circumstantial evidence” to establish Afzal’s complicity.

Now, do we have the authority to be in judgment of what the apex court did and “review” the facts and evidence again? She could well have used the vast print space she used to ponder over the inordinate delay in the execution of the death sentence. Let us close this chapter and move on.

N. Srikanth,



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