I agree with a few points raised in the article “Comparing Harvard apples with JNU oranges” (Dec. 27). But the truth is, as a nation, we have failed to upgrade our higher education. It is not only university ranking that shows our backwardness.

Even the scientific output in terms of research and innovations indicates the same. While compromise on quality at the undergraduate level is certainly an issue to be addressed, we need to focus more on investment in higher education.

Suresh Nandigam, Warangal

Not one of our renowned universities is universal in nature. Many universities represent the political interests of a certain group. Vice-Chancellors are political appointees serving the partisan interests of ruling parties or leaders. Students’ unions are wings of political parties and have very little to do with academics. Their elections are bitterly fought with no holds barred. Whereas America’s Ivy League institutions are exclusive, a class apart and beyond compare.

Col C.V. Venugopalan (retd.), Palakkad

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