The Sunday Story of 23-year-old Burundi national Yannick Nihangaza who went into a coma after being beaten up in Jalandhar in April was disturbing. It is appalling that the Punjab government took two months to order a probe into the incident. Foreign nationals prefer India for higher studies not only because of the wonderful infrastructure and the variety of courses offered but also because it is the land of non-violence. While we raise a hue and cry over racial attacks on our nationals in Australia or the U.K., we seem to have no answers for such incidents taking place in our own backyard.

A. Jainulabdeen,


The actions of a few have jeopardised the country’s image. We demand justice from other countries when our students are attacked there. Is it not our duty to provide security and justice to students who come here from other countries? We boast of a multicultural and multilingual society. But the racial attacks tell a different story.

Muhammed Yunus Mulla,


How can we find fault or criticise other countries when we are at fault ourselves? We need to upgrade our sense of morality and justice, and ensure that people who come here to study have a positive experience.

M. Niveditha,


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