It is a source of both mirth and agony that the BJP is now offering to apologise to Muslims “for any past mistake” (Feb. 26). This sudden thought is no apology from the heart, but one meant for the vote. In referring to the 2002 riots, but in an indirect way, the term “mistake” is an understatement. The national party must realise that a secular and sensible Indian will never forgive it for what happened in Gujarat.

A.A.H.K. Ghori,


The BJP is a party that is controlled by movements such as the RSS and the VHP. How, then, can the party expect minority voters to back it? It is well known what Mr. Modi has said and how he expressed himself when asked about 2002. Muslims are ready to vote for change if the BJP presents a prime ministerial candidate with secular credentials. Does it have a leader in the mould of Atal Behari Vajpayee?

Ibrahim S.M.A.,


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