The article “The loneliness of a moderate Muslim” (Sept. 21) talks of the response of Muslims to an emotional issue, in the context of the protests against the anti-Islamic film, Innocence of Muslims. The film-maker definitely seems to have a bad intention. The French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has also played mischief by adding fuel to the fire. While violence in the name of the Prophet who stood for peace cannot be justified, care should be taken to eliminate the causes that lead to emotional responses.

N. Thangal,


I would like to advise my fellow citizens to maintain peace and harmony. Protests should be peaceful and non-violent as violence will only disrupt harmony further.

M.N.A Nabeel,


The protests against the third-grade movie made by a blasphemous man are a spontaneous reaction. Muslims cherish their Prophet and cannot allow his image to be tarnished. But when we look at the other side of the coin, it is clear that the protests and agitations will only help Islamophobists bounce back better than ever before. Silence at this juncture will speak louder than words. Least said, soonest mended.

Muhammed Hafiyy,



The loneliness of a moderate MuslimSeptember 21, 2012

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