The coming together of 14 non-Congress, non-BJP parties to fight communalism will indirectly support the Congress, as most of the parties have at some point of time supported the Congress. As such, it is an opportunistic alliance.

The idea behind the Convention for People’s Unity Against Communalism is to see that the BJP does not get any advantage. In the worst circumstances, the Congress will become the favourite of the group. Communalism is a strange word that can be interpreted according to one’s whims. Although it needs to be eliminated from politics, it is unfortunate that corruption has been relegated to the background. As of now, the third front can only play spoilsport. It may find getting voter acceptance difficult as people’s preference is now shortlisted between the Congress and the BJP.

G. Ramachandran,


Irrespective of what the participating parties said at the convention, it seemed they wanted to judge whether they would have the numbers to form another front. Anti-communalism conventions will only foster communalism by making communal identities stronger.

Sweety Gupta,



Resolution against communalismOctober 30, 2013

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