The reluctance of N. Srinivasan to resign as the BCCI president and that of the members of the working committee to seek as well as ensure his resignation in the wake of the IPL betting controversy is most unfortunate. The developments only prove that too many people have been benefiting from the crass commercialisation of cricket in India.

One does not expect the interim arrangement of making Jagmohan Dalmiya in charge of the BCCI’s working group, with N. Srinivasan stepping aside, will help restore the BCCI’s reputation. Any probe can only be an eyewash to buy time till the next round of bidding and betting begins. A few morally corrupt cricketers and a rapacious cricket administration have reduced the game to anything but a gentleman’s game. Nothing more tragic could happen to cricket.

P. Prasand Thampy,


It is very clear that Mr. Srinivasan believes that he is above everything and everyone. Keeping him company are some of our politicians. As an ardent fan of cricket, I feel let down and sad that nothing can be done to demolish the fortress of those governing the world’s biggest cricketing body.

Vinod Kumar,


The emergency meeting of the BCCI came as an anti-climax for those who expected Mr. Srinivasan to resign. He remains ensconced while Mr. Dalmiya, expelled once for alleged financial irregularities, has staged a comeback. It is illusory to expect BCCI officials to act. The hue and cry raised by cricket lovers is bound to remain a cry in the wilderness. Unless spectators organise themselves and keep away from the grounds, redemption will remain elusive.

Manohar Alembath,


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