The Maoist attack near Dumka in Jharkhand — killing six policemen — at a time when the Centre and the State governments have plans to implement new, sophisticated programmes to counter naxalites proves that decisions or statements alone cannot solve a problem. Resolute action is the need of the hour.

K.C. Iqbal Vavad,


People living without basic amenities are frustrated as their legitimate share of resources is used to fill the coffers of a chosen few private sector barons. The seeds of class war germinate and the unfortunate outcome is anger at the state machinery. This is not to justify the heinous blood-letting by the so-called Maoists.

But can we cross our hearts and say that our national wealth has been distributed equally? The cause of the class war is staring us in the face. We refuse to see it.

C. Sachidananda Narayanan,


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