I fully agree that a public memorial for a person like Bal Thackeray at Shivaji Park in Mumbai will be an insult to democracy and public memory (“Memorialising Thackeray,” Dec. 4). He and his party, Shiv Sena, practised and thrived on hate, violence and hooliganism against non-Marathis, be it south Indians or north Indians, and the minorities.

Bal Thackeray does not deserve a public memorial in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. Let the Shiva Sena build an appropriate monument somewhere else.

K.V. Ravindran,


Any attempt by a set of people blackmailing a State government should be put down with an iron hand. Memorials were built in Tamil Nadu in public places for leaders who dedicated their lives to uphold the values of the Constitution. Bal Thackeray spent his entire life promoting divisions, disharmony and hatred. The Maharashtra government should have ordered the Sena to clear the premises after the cremation.

C.R. Krishnamurthy,


If a person — fan, follower or fanatic — wants to remember his leader on a daily basis, let him do so privately at home. Why thrust memorials on the public, rake up controversies and disrupt normality?

Sivamani Vasudevan,


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