The overwhelming response of the people to the cause of a Jan Lokpal Bill against corruption, led by social activist Anna Hazare, is amazing.

We are good at talking endlessly against the malice of corruption. But we often fail to practise what we speak. It is time for sathyagraha at the grassroots. Cleaning the house should precede cleaning the system.




Anna Hazare can be considered a modern-day father of the nation, having unleashed a crusade against corruption that has definitely inspired the youth. If a 72-year-old man can create such ripples, inspiring one and all, the question to the youth is, why can't we take the lead from here?

A. Ravi Teja Reddy,



Had Anna Hazare and his cohorts not upped the ante, a toothless ombudsman Bill is all we would have got. Mr. Hazare's movement is worthy thus in building up the public's moral momentum around the idea. Only after the promulgation of a Bill will we know how effectively it is endowed to deal with the jeopardy of corruption in high places.

V. Viswanath,



Hats off to Anna Hazare for his struggle to eradicate corruption. But this is not an end. In India, where corruption begins at the grassroots and stretches to the high offices, change does not come through the efforts of one person but with everyone working together in all sectors to bring the corrupt to justice.

Abburi Sandeep Kumar,



There have been statements from some politicians to the effect that the movement for a Jan Lokpal Bill is usurping parliamentary powers. The truth is far from it. This movement should not be dismantled and must remain as a permanent watchdog against all future misdemeanours and the failings of the elected parliamentarians.

Raju Umamaheswar,



There can be no two opinions on the need for effective mechanisms to curb corruption in public life. But the intervention of civil society, however well meaning, in drafting legislation does not augur well for democracy. Candlelight vigils by Bollywood celebrities, activists and concerned citizens do not lend credibility to such an intervention. While one fully agrees with Anna Hazare on the need for effective legislation against corruption, he and his followers need to realise that imperfection in a democracy can only be addressed through democratic institutions.

R. Hariharan,


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