All ‘good’ things must come to an end. Amid severe allegations of betting and spot-fixing, the much hyped IPL-6 is over — sold to the gullible public as entertainment in the name of cricket. No one can tell whether the results of the IPL matches were the outcome of hard work and discipline or the whims of some individuals.

Even if is known, does anyone care as long as the eye enjoys the visual treat with talented global cricketers ‘playing?’ The moral of the IPL saga is: all that glitters is not gold.

A. Victor Frank,


I do not agree that IPL and T20 matches should be banned. Our players get the opportunity to play with and against prominent players of different countries. We get a chance to see the performance of players belonging to other countries in our own land. Many people got employment due to the IPL matches.

Betting and gambling are prevalent in all games throughout the world. It is no doubt a crime and anyone found guilty should be punished severely — banned from playing or participating in any manner, and occupying a responsible position in a cricketing body. Banning the game is no solution.

G. Krishnamurthy,


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