Alas, all good things must come to an end! Mr. Kasturi was a moderniser, innovator and visionary. It was he who gave a facelift to The Hindu and transformed it in a short span of time from “first class” to “world class.”

Many of us grew up reading The Hindu under G.K., and what little knowledge of English we have we owe it to the newspaper.

J. Akshobhya,


As one who worked in The Hindu for 47 years from 1957, learning journalism from the start under the great Editors, Kasturi Srinivasan and, later, G. Kasturi, and enjoyed their dignified kindness, it has been impossible in retired life not to recall almost every day the great sacrifices they made to maintain the highest traditions of objectivity in journalism.

Their devotion to the newspaper was so great that it served as an inspiration to all journalistic staff to stick to the highest standards in their work. No one can prevent the inevitable but it is these thoughts that make most of us, retired journalists, cherish the years we spent working under them.

G. Dwarakanath,


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