Thanks to The Hindu for bringing to focus the need for better living conditions for the aged (“Ageing with dignity,” Dec. 17) . If widowhood is over 50 per cent among women and their longevity is more, it is because of the lifestyle men follow. Many of them are alcoholics and heavy smokers.

Although the government has enacted The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, the law cannot provide the much-needed kindness and help to the aged who long for love and care. True, it is necessary that the population under 35 be looked after well but the existing aged also deserve a dignified living since they have contributed to the growth of the country.

Unlike western countries, India has not implemented any social security scheme for the aged. The government should take steps to put in place a well-designed social protection scheme for the elders.

S. Nallasivan,


The editorial was precise. In the context of dealing with the issues related to the aged, I wish to mention the manner in which public sector banks treat their pensioners.

What they get is pittance compared to other government servants of their age. There is no reasonable health coverage.

S. Srimoolanathan,

El Dorado Hills

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