It is ironic that while the Congress vice-president has highlighted the issues of corruption and discretionary powers as the hurdles to good governance (Dec. 22), the Maharashtra Cabinet has rejected the report of the Adarsh Commission of Enquiry and the State Chief Minister has called it “a difficult and unhappy episode.” It appears that the Congress is now intent on losing Maharashtra!

If the party wants to have another shot at power in 2014, it should cancel all benami transactions, sell these flats at market rates through a transparent and electronic tender, and use the money to ensure “affordable” housing to some among Mumbai’s innumerable slum-dwellers. This will at least demonstrate that the Congress “will walk the talk.”

A.D. Vasudorairaj,


The report indicting senior politicians in power and senior administrators shows that integrity and fair play will always be sidelined. It is a sad reflection especially on the bureaucracy that is not expected to yield to any political pressure, all the more when there is a disbursal of undue benefits. There has to be a greater cleansing of the system.

Y.S. Kadakshamani,


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