Has justice been done now that Kasab has been hanged? Has the government succeeded in wiping out the fear of terror attacks from our minds?

No, all we have done is to take revenge. Peace can never be achieved by death. This is not the time to celebrate. There are many Kasabs in the world. Death cannot cure terrorism.



What is the point in punishing the stick and not the person wielding it? Ajmal Kasab was just an instrument in the hands of those who are engaged in war against humanity. It is only when they are punished that justice will finally be done in the Mumbai terror attack case.

Shashank Sistla,


The Pakistani terrorist’s execution brings mixed feelings. There is no doubt that his act of taking the lives of innocent Indians for no personal reason deserves the death penalty. But procedural delays added to Kasab’s agony as he alternated between life and death.

N.V. Rama Rao,


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