The Supreme Court’s direction to the Centre to formulate a policy to regulate retail sale of acid is laudable but not easy to implement. Acids are used in almost in all household cleaning chemicals, school and college laboratories, automobile batteries and a host of other products. With the proliferation of small scale industries, regulating acid sale will be very difficult. A typical car battery electrolyte is a solution of sulphuric acid and water. This solution can cause chemical burns to the skin, especially to the face and eyes. A pervert can use it. The solution to acid attacks is deterrent and expeditious punishment.

M.M. Gurbaxani,


The conviction in acid attack cases should be given wide publicity. This will instil fear in the minds of men. This and other measures, including a check on the easy availability of acids, will hopefully bring down the incidence of acid attacks on women.

Jui P. Joshi,

New Delhi

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