The government’s apathy towards the sale of acids is indeed unfortunate. The responsibility has once again fallen on the judiciary which has asked the government to formulate a scheme in the larger interests of women.

The average citizen does not need industrial grade acids. Why does the government allow their sale across the counter? These highly concentrated corrosive acids can inflict serious injuries, defacement, trauma and suffering. The government should ban the sale of these acids.

H.N. Ramakrishna, Bangalore

The court’s direction is welcome. Regulating the retail sale of acid will save a lot of innocent victims. But one concern which remains is: men who desperately want to attack innocent girls will resort to other kinds of violence. We can make new laws but can we change the psychology of men? The government should take necessary steps to curb all kinds of violence.

J.M. Lohit, Chennai

We cannot change male ego and skewed opinions overnight. What we can do is ban the over-the-counter sale of acids. Of course, it will still be available in black market. But a 19-year-old loitering with rage due to a spurned proposal or a husband in a drunken stupor cannot just go and buy the terrifying liquid from the nearest shop.

Our neighbouring country, Bangladesh, has managed to bring down the number of acid attacks with stringent laws. If a small, economically backward country with limited means can do it, what stops a giant like India?

M. Susanhita, Bangalore

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