This refers to the report that Nupur and Rajesh Talwar have been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing their daughter, Aarushi, and the domestic help, Hemraj. The case, which has all the ingredients of a good mystery, has left many of us confused. Was it “honour killing,” as claimed by some? How reliable is the circumstantial evidence? We need proper answers. Convicting someone just to give the case a sense of closure is incorrect.

G. David Milton,


Right from the word go, the investigations into the Aarushi Talwar murder underwent many twists and turns. The evidence presented by the CBI is definitely not clinching, even by the standards of a layman. To blame the parents and sentence them to life based on circumstantial evidence is hardly acceptable. The character assassination of the hapless teenager only adds insult to injury.

Rekha Chari Sairaman,


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