Everyone in the country appreciates the performance of the AAP in the New Delhi elections. It is a welcome sign, but one should realise the importance of the elections. The AAP has a right to stick to its principles, but it must take the support of another party and form a government in Delhi. It cannot simply hold fast to the refrain that all parties are corrupt. The AAP should prove itself to be the better option by taking up the responsibility. This way, another round of elections in Delhi may be avoided.

Kanagiri S. Prasad, Hyderabad

The AAP’s principled stand has to be appreciated. It made its point very clear even before the polls. Had it been in a hurry to come to power, it would have yielded to the machinations of the Congress, whose principal aim is to block the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Congress has always been sitting on the back of one or the other party, threatening them by means of the CBI, or offering largesse, or delaying important bills like the women’s bill and the lokpal bill, claiming lack of consensus. It is good that the Aam Aadmi Party has consistently stuck to its guns.

A.Ramanathan, Chennai

The Congress refuses to understand the real reasons why people chose to vote it out of power and vote for the AAP, a newcomer. The people are tired of the massive corruption scandals, the ruling party’s continued protection of corrupt leaders to maintain vote banks, and playing politics with development. The Congress must do some deep introspection and not seek to regain power through the back door.

Anandasubramanian C.P., Chennai

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