Mr. Shanti Bhushan has lucidly argued how the Aam Aadmi Party is our only political hope (Feb.24). Many of the problems we witness in Parliament and our Assemblies today arise from the failure of the Speakers to be firm and non-partisan during proceedings. Tearing up bills, releasing chemical substances and resorting to crassly obstructive behaviour are all examples of unparliamentary behaviour that should be dealt with severely. The emergence of the AAP is not accidental, and the fact that it has found a resonance with the younger generation is noteworthy.

Thomas Edmunds,


The AAP has changed the very idea of Indian politics by restoring our faith in democratic systems. The so-called national and mainstream parties are so entrenched in the criminalisation of politics and in handing over everything to the corporate world that it has led to deep cynicism; the profusion of scams during the UPA’s tenure has fostered this feeling. All right-thinking Indians have to support fresh ideas such as the AAP in the political world.

Ahamad Fuad,


The AAP has found itself in trouble after it breached democratic norms. The ways in which it dealt with issues in Delhi are examples of its failure. Its acts of protest and demonstrations against public institutions instead of working on pragmatic and amicable solutions, will support this. Its resorting to politicising almost every issue instead of providing good governance was another drawback.

Illa Nagabhushan,


It is said that activists do not turn out to be good policymakers. While the stance of the AAP on issues of corruption is laudable, the same does not hold true for its agenda on economic, educational and social reforms. Within 50 days, the party was found to be lacking and escapist, failing to get its act together on several key issues. Therefore, to say that the AAP is the only political saviour we have, seems far-fetched.

Bhavesh Mishra,

New Delhi

Growing allegations of crony capitalism make us wonder whether every decision taken by the government in connection with the tapping of our natural resources is actually in the interest of the corporate giants. Non-transparency in political funding is perhaps the greatest evil of our times.

John Gorinta,

New Delhi

The writer has been presented as a former Union Minister and therefore an expert. But the fact that he is the father of Prashant Bhushan, an executive member of the AAP governing council, has taken away from his credentials and perception of expertise, making it hard to imagine that his opinion was not influenced by this personal connection.

Hariharan Iyer,



A whiff of fresh air February 24, 2014

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