Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was very active in highlighting the Congress’s misrule and the rise of corruption in his campaign to dislodge the government. Unfortunately, Delhi voted in such a way that the AAP was unable to get a clear majority. He then tried several options, including taking the unprecedented step of eliciting public opinion. Now, it is ironical that he has to fall back on Congress support to form the government (“AAP set to form government,” Dec. 23)! This is a cruel joke being played on the people who voted for his party as they were hoping to get a Congress-free government. With Congress support, can he pursue his campaign against fighting graft?

J.R. Kamath,


People look forward to this new chapter in Indian politics. We wish the AAP the best. All those who lost the election must now desist from taking potshots at the party.

J. Akshay ,


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