As a Johnny-come-lately to the political arena, the Aam Aadmi Party was not expected to make a mark, leave alone a stunning electoral debut. But so much was the disillusionment in Delhi with the ruling dispensation that the bottled up ill-will resulted in a tectonic shift (Dec. 17). Now that there is even talk of President’s Rule in Delhi, the spotlight is back on the AAP and how it is appearing to shrug off its responsibility towards government-formation. It will be unfortunate if there is a dissipation of the great deal of goodwill it has earned. If there is another election, the results might be very different.

C.V. Aravind, Bangalore

Mr. Kejriwal’s terms and conditions should be hailed in the right spirit. His bona fide intentions are quite obvious. He has revealed his vision for Delhi; yet, strangely, he is being cast in a bad light. Ironically, he is now expected to step down from his lofty platform, for which he won accolades, and embrace murky reality — by joining hands with unscrupulous people. We need to ponder over what we want — strong, clean governance or the same old compromised ways of politics.

Pratibha Singh, Kurukshetra

Mr. Kejriwal seems to have developed a touch-me-not syndrome even though there is an offer of unconditional support. Let us not forget that this was a man who never hesitated to get himself arrested in order to defend his principles. The political stalemate should now be used by him as an opportunity to prove or disprove how a government should function. His act of stepping back to up the ante is dangerous as it might neither earn him a farthing nor the people of Delhi.

Errabelli Pramod Rao, New Delhi


Congress, BJP reject Kejriwal’s conditions December 14, 2013

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