This is with reference to the story “Aam Aadmi Party gearing up for fresh elections” (December 12). It must be remembered that the Bharatiya Janata Party and the AAP both fought the election on the basis of the corruption and other shortcomings of the UPA government. Therefore, leaders of both the parties need to work out the modalities for forming a government and leave no chance for the promulgation of President’s Rule in New Delhi. Fresh elections is no solution for a fractured mandate. What is the guarantee that a single party will emerge with a clear mandate to rule the State, not to mention the strain an election will put on the exchequer.

H.P.Murali, Bangalore

Arvind Kejriwal’s interview is awe-inspiring. His confidence that he mustn’t err even unwittingly is convincing. But all depends upon how well he can keep his flock together in the face of the lure of power. His success in his endeavour is more important for politics than for his own party.

D.V.G.Sankararao, Vizianagaram

When the Congress party was accused of arrogance when it displayed reluctance to enter into a coalition with other parties, why is the same inhibition on the part of the AAP being called a “principled stand”? The AAP should respect the mandate of the people and form a government with Congress support and see that its promises to the people are fulfilled. Shying away from this seems to reveal their eagerness to be in the limelight but evade responsibility. After all, the Congress’s offer of support is unconditional, and if things do not work out they can always resign. Moreover, Mr. Kejriwal’s statement encouraging the Congress and the BJP to come togetherto form government displays his ignorance of political realities.

Baikadi Suryanarayana Rao, Bangalore

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