It was disheartening to read the article “It's your entire life — not just an event” (May 21) by Aamir Khan. He is not an authority on marriage, only a successful actor. Serious readers look for articles by people who are an authority on their subjects. Aamir makes contradictory statements. He says instead of spending huge amounts on extravagant weddings, parents can give the amount set aside for the weddings to their daughters to kick-start their married life. Is this also not a form of dowry? What a way to start a new life!

We should encourage youngsters to stand on their own legs. There is a belief that whatever is not earned by you is not yours.

Lalita Ramakrishnan,


We live in times when television channels pay to telecast celebrity marriages live. Celebrities charge a fee for attending marriages. Sure, many people agree that marriages should be simple. But in practice, it is difficult, even impossible, to follow all that Aamir says.

Can the actor set an example by attending only sharbat weddings in future? Will he declare that he will not attend weddings where dowry is given/taken?

P.C. Sanath,


Aamir Khan's views deserve attention and he needs to be commended for taking up the cause. But his argument “if you have the money, by all means decide how you want to spend it” is not wholly thought out.

The flamboyant and vulgar display of wealth by the elite sets the standards for those lower down in the social hierarchy on how well a marriage is to be conducted.

Kasim Sait,


The happiest person is one who has a good wife, neighbour and spacious house. While selecting a life partner, we need to concentrate on his/her qualities rather than social status, educational qualifications and family background.

Mustaq Kunnur,


Marriages have become a show of wealth and status. I think it is in the hands of prospective grooms to put an end to dowry and extravagant weddings. If IAS officers, doctors, engineers and other professionals opt for simple and sober weddings, they will be setting an example for society to follow. If a person of Aamir Khan's stature can endorse the practice of sharbat wedding, surely we can think out of the box.

Mohd Danish Khan,


I hope the younger generation which considers actors role models will spare a thought to the simple and practical tips given by Aamir Khan to get rid of social evils like dowry and extravagant marriages.

M.M. Haneef Shabab,


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