The interim order of the Supreme Court that essential services and benefits to the public should not be denied on the basis of non-enrolment in the Aadhaar project is welcome. For enrolment in the project, the NPR Number is asked for. For those who have lost/misplaced the Census 2011 slip, it is very difficult to get enrolled. In a country like India it is doubtful that a hundred per cent enrolment is possible. The Centre as usual may go in for appeal as a sizeable amount has already been spent on the project. Personally, I feel the project is unnecessary.

K.R. Viswanathan Pillai,


The Aadhar enrolment is reported to have already consumed crores of expenditure; also, the project is midway. It may swallow another Rs.50,000 crore before it is fully completed. What the government hopes to save by way of subsidy has already been nullified and set off by the expenditure on Aadhaar enrolment. What has happened is a fine example of fiscal indiscipline.

V. Raghavan,


While the interim order on “stalling” Aadhaar may come as a relief to certain sections of our society, it is ill-timed. Given that all of this is taxpayers money, it would be wise to take all of this to its logical conclusion and reap the full benefits of a national identity scheme.

Varad Seshadri,

Sunnyvale, CA

The order is a blow to the government. Most people have wasted their valuable time following the processes in getting the Aadhaar card. When citizens already have all sorts of mandatory forms of identification, what is the purpose of another card?

The interesting point is that some have already started getting LPG subsidy via an Aadhaar-linked bank account. What about those who have not yet procured their card?

K.A. Solaman,


A contention in the PIL against the scheme is that it has the potential to be issued indiscriminately even to migrants without proper documentation. It is difficult to believe the same as enrolment is done only on producing proof of address. Migrants certainly can’t possess valid address proof documents. It is unfortunate that the Attorney-General has chosen not to contest this aspect of the PIL.

Baikadi Suryanarayana Rao,


Millions of people have received or are due to receive their cards. Most people have gone through the process because of their understanding that the card is compulsory for various benefits such as subsidy on domestic LPG, etc. There is a mismatch between the government saying that it is not mandatory and at the same time making it compulsory for various subsidies. The government needs to issue clear orders and bring an end to the confusion.

Satish Srinivasan,


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