The special feature on Swami Vivekananda (Jan. 12) was a real treat. On reading the articles on the Wandering Monk, we were overcome with a sense of pride. He had immense faith in the youth and believed that a crippling society could be cured only by the power of their strength and intelligence.

Nirmala Varma,


Recollecting Vivekananda brings into sharp focus the crisis of leadership, both political and spiritual, that the nation is facing today. The onslaught of western values, driven by market forces and accepted as superior by the younger generation, is threatening to wreck traditional values and social solidarity. It is the right time for us to pause and ponder over the futility of blindly following western prescriptions on economic growth.

V.N. Mukundarajan,



Reclaiming Vivekananda January 11, 2013

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