The UPA government’s decision to promulgate an ordinance for food security is born not out of concern for the poor. It is aimed at securing more votes in the Lok Sabha election. The grand old party which has gained notoriety for administrative failure, resulting in scams of serious nature, has no other way to go.

V. Rajagopalan,


The UPA government’s ordinance route shows its utter disregard for parliamentary procedures. The enabling provision under the Constitution gave the President the power to promulgate an ordinance to meet exigencies when Parliament is not in session. It is meant to meet an urgent situation that cannot wait for a law. The misuse of this provision is clearly aimed at bypassing discussions on the Food Security Bill in Parliament.

V.N. Ramachandran,


In a desperate attempt to woo voters, the UPA has thrown all democratic norms to the winds and promulgated the ordinance on food security. It was not sure the Bill would be passed in Parliament.

The law will not only destroy rural economy but also affect the middle class financially as the price of foodgrains in the open market will touch the roof. Foodgrains may not be available in the market as the government would have to procure a large quantity to support the measure.

V. Padmanabhan,


The UPA government’s food security law is yet another populist scheme. What is the need to commit huge amounts to the scheme, when the PDS system is already in existence?

Srinivas Kshirasagar,


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