It is truly disheartening to know that more than half the nation has to attend “nature’s call” in the most unhygienic conditions (editorial, Dec. 7). Health camps must be conducted especially in the rural areas to increase awareness on this unhygienic practice. It is shameful that when India is trying to unravel the mysteries of planet Mars, people across the country still have to go about their morning ablutions under the open sky.

Nithya G. Nair, Thiruvananthapuram

While the government seems to think it unimportant to construct more toilets, the neglect of existing public facilities is also a matter of concern. As a recent opinion article in The Hindu pointed out, India must study the success story of Indonesia in addressing this issue.

Mihir Chhangani, Jodhpur

In India, there is no concept of the sanitary aspect of life. People have been encouraged to carry out their ablutions in the open, the logic being that nature would take care of everything. Western systems are far more sensible and utilitarian in value and one hopes that things will improve soon.

T. Santhanam, Chennai

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