A 16-year-old was raped by eight men, her father committed suicide, but the police took action only after people brought pressure on them (“Lost in Haryana rape debate, a girl’s story,” Oct. 12) — what a shame!

From the khap panchayat to the Haryana government, everyone is trying to pass the buck. Instead of suggesting different ideas, society, particularly the government, should provide for the harshest possible punishment and make the case of the young girl an example for those who think they can get away with anything.

Rahul Gupta,


The report shows how a rape victim is tortured by the media and the so-called society. It is neither caste nor colour but gender that is the issue. Men have been subjugating women through rape for centuries. And they come out with wonderful ‘solutions’ to satisfy the needs of psychopaths.

Sasna Saifudhin,


Protection of women is a complicated issue which cannot be resolved by just enacting laws or punishing a few. There is need to promote value based education. Parents should play the prime role in such exercises. Society should be made aware of playing a policing role to curb violence against women. Girls too should be taught self-defence in schools.

Kritika Gupta,

New Delhi

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