This refers to the statement by an Education Department official in Puducherry on preventing “contact between boys and girls which would reduce temptation.” (“Puducherry prescription: separate buses, overcoats for girls,” Jan. 7).

This is an age-old practice that was strictly prevalent in my childhood. Now, due to the uncensored “song and dance sequences” in the cinema world, impressionable minds are being influenced. The step is a right one.

N.E. Appasamy,


It is surprising to read about the moves being planned in Puducherry. What can be understood is that our officials and the political class want to run away from their responsibilities instead of finding a solution. Can they prevent crimes by doing this? I am a father of two daughters who are in a school that is coeducational. They have never faced any problems. Discipline should also start from home.

K. Pankajan,


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