The article, “A train journey and two names to remember” (Open Page, June 1) was revealing. This should be read by everyone, especially those who discredit Prime Minister Modi at the drop of a hat. This includes the so-called secularists, progressive thinkers and armchair experts. Mr. Modi’s spectacular win proved that the common man is more intelligent than these experts. I hope better sense prevails on those who criticise Mr. Modi, and that they respect and accept, with humility, the country’s verdict.

V. S. Ganeshan, Bangalore

The author has done a great service by sharing her experience. I’m sure the Prime Minister would look forward to meeting his co-passenger.

A.S.Nagesh, Chennai

It will be apt to say, “before becoming a leader, be a servant first.” The author and her friend are really fortunate to share the compartment with such humble leaders. That Mr. Modi said he is a nomad is really heart-warming. Who thought that one day this nomad would become our Prime Minister? What more can one expect from a leader? I feel proud to have elected him.

Akhil Kumar Chivukula, Secundrabad

By the time my wife and I reached the end of the article, our eyes were filled with tears. The Gujarat politicians’ gesture is extraordinary. This story reminded me of a personal incident. A few years ago, when my wife and I were in Gujarat, we stayed in a company guest house for a couple of days. After checking into the room, we asked for a lock and key. The manager said there was no need to worry about our belongings being stolen in Gujarat and advised us to only bolt the door. This tells us a lot about the State and Mr. Modi.

T. Sampath Kumar, New Delhi

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