I am sure that Ramaswamy R. Iyer’s “Open letter to Anna Hazare” (Dec. 23) represents the views of a majority of readers. The rift between the two stalwarts against corruption is unfortunate. Arvind Kejriwal has never showed disrespect towards Mr. Hazare, and has in his inimitable way, tried to bridge the gulf by sending his teammates to Anna’s village. I wish Mr. Hazare takes the contents of the letter seriously, remain a mentor/adviser to Mr. Kejriwal and guide him in fulfilling the aspirations of the aam aadmi.

K. Nehru Patnaik,


The letter was apt, candid, enlightening and, at the same time, humble. Mr. Hazare should take it in the right spirit and shed some of his inhibitions and misplaced prejudices against Mr. Kejriwal and the AAP and join hands with his “estranged disciple.” This act would surely strengthen their joint crusade against corruption and gladden the hearts of millions who abhor corruption. As Mr. Kejriwal has finally decided to bite the bullet, the doubting Thomases and sceptics should lie low for sometime. One fails to understand why so many are intent on running him down even before he has proven himself. Though the AAP is a new formation, its honesty and integrity in the fight against corruption will never be in doubt. Its methods of canvassing for votes and then later, while seeking a public referendum, were path-breaking. The AAP should not succumb to any pressure tactics by the Congress.

Maradapu Srinivasa Rao,


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