The editorial “When it rains, it pours” (May 6) shows that misfortunes never come alone but come with the bag and baggage of those responsible for them. Critics did not spare even Lal Bahadur Shastri who accepted responsibility for a train accident. Their uncharitable remark was that he was eyeing a higher post as a Cabinet reshuffle was on the cards at that time. In this case, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s helplessness is visible but his hands seem to be tied.

The basic point is that a taxpayer’s money is being wasted and that whosoever governs the country will always have corruption as a part of their world.

S.K. Narula,

New Delhi

It has become almost routine for the government to offer one explanation or the other for every scam. This definitely shows that all this is happening because of a lame duck Prime Minister who is unable to control a wayward bunch of Ministers.

Gone are the days when we had an Indira Gandhi who acted decisively. Hers was the last word, even if it was a wrong or a misplaced assertion. If the Karnataka elections are a face-saver for the Congress, as the exit polls suggest, one only hopes that the grand old party makes sweeping changes.

Sridhar N.,


Despite UPA II breaking its own scam a day record, the Opposition is simply unable to turn the tables on it. Instead of devising strategies to educate the masses and ensure that we don’t forget and hence forgive, one finds its members staging meaningless walkouts from Parliament. One wonders if this shows that there is a nexus between the government and the Opposition to fool us.

Josephine Varghese,


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