It is surprising that the report “Kejriwal dares PM, Sonia for a public debate” (Oct. 22) makes headline news. The seed of this idea may have come from the Obama-Romney debates in the U.S. Presidential elections. However, I am reminded of such challenges of yonder. The pre-bout posturing of King Kong and Dara Singh; Muhammad Ali baiting George Foreman with a jar of honey and singing the daring tune “Mohammad Ali, he flies like the butterfly and stings like the bee.” If the Prime Minister bites the bait for a chaupal debate then we would have a Bollywood filmy-style debate; no rules, no moderator, no agenda — a veritable free-for-all.

In a way, Dr. Singh has already accepted the challenge by stating that he is ready to debate anything and everything within the precincts of Parliament. That is a gracious offer but for that, India Against Corruption member Arvind Kejriwal will have to qualify as a Member of Parliament.

R.T.L. DSouza,


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