Rama V. Baru is right in pointing out that the government’s decision to reimburse IAS and IFS officers for their medical treatment abroad will affect the taxpayers (“An official vote of no confidence,” Sept. 16). There is no doubt that many IAS, IPS and IFS officers will prefer treatment abroad henceforth.

Indian hospitals provide world class treatment. People from other countries come here for treatment. Indian hospitals have a network in foreign countries too. The DoPT order will only drain the exchequer in due course.

R. Rajkumar,


The DoPT order reflects the thinking in the bureaucracy which always favours its fraternity at the cost of taxpayers. The CGHS reimburses their medical expenses for almost all ailments. The latest decision will ensure that there is no improvement in public health care and result in a drain of the exchequer. It is time citizens were allowed a say in such decisions.

S. Lakshmeesha,



An official vote of no confidenceSeptember 16, 2013

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