It is not surprising that the Congress and the BJP were squeamish about the anti-corruption bill, which, if passed, would have discomfited many a member in these parties. But Mr. Kejriwal should have taken care to concentrate on governance, gain experience and then focus on winning the confidence of the people who had reposed so much faith in him, rather than stick to the core election manifesto of an anti-corruption law.

He has only betrayed his lack of unwillingness to serve the people. The problem of corruption is not that easy to solve, and one cannot wish it away even with a piece of legislation. What is needed is immense patience. It may take many more years for India to have a comprehensive anti-corruption law in place.

E.P. Radhakrishnan,


Right from Day 1, Mr. Kejriwal did not act as a Chief Minister but more as a rabble-rouser. His resignation shows his immaturity and lack of depth. The only point he must be appreciated for is that he has highlighted the “delicate” topic of crony capitalism. If he had stayed on, another scam would have been unearthed.

Janga Bahadur Sunuwar,

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Mr. Kejriwal’s resignation is a clear case of a wasted opportunity. While the scope of a Jan Lokpal bill is not to be doubted, it is a journey by itself and cannot be achieved overnight. Team AAP could have taken up the bigger challenge of an effective Lokpal after proving its merit to the aam aadmi by implementing some well-crafted schemes. A big leap when the government was still in its nascent stage has proved to be costly.

A. Saranya,


From the very beginning, the leader has shown scant respect for democracy and its institutions. He was stuck with the idea that only drastic, disruptive measures can bring about intended changes in the system. His resignation is nothing but a culmination of the high drama he was enacting. Only time will tell whether he is a guiding star or a mere flash in the pan.

Yoganandh T.,


Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has finally “relinquished” power using the weapon and the excuse of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Whether this will fetch him any political mileage, only time will tell. He should be aware that his views cannot be greater than the constitutional framework. His act of quitting shows that the AAP had run out of ideas and was looking for a safe exit.

G. Venkatakuppuswamy,


He will be remembered more for his theatrics than for leadership and governance. One only hopes that the electorate will see through his game and his talent for brinkmanship, and not get carried away by his oft-repeated promise of providing good governance. He has failed the people who voted for him.

S.K. Choudhury,


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