For people who are following the 2G scam case closely, it is becoming clearer, hearing after hearing in the Supreme Court, that all is not well with the CBI's investigations (CBI names Marans in FIR; searches their premises,” Oct. 11). To those who are dispassionate, the current raids appear to be eyewash. Is the CBI hoping that in the name of an investigation, the public interest in the case will fade? Perhaps, a Special Investigation Team is the need of the hour to cover the entire gamut of the scam.

R. Vasudevan,


Will the CBI searches yield any tangible results leading to conviction in a court of law? How will the personalities under the scanner keep any “evidence” which would go against them?

P. Srinivasan,


The searches appear to be a waste of time and public money. There was ample time for those who are alleged to be involved in the case to hide, destroy or even eliminate evidence that might point towards them. At best, such an event is just sensationalism.

Renju Joseph,


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