Another anniversary of 26/11 has come and gone. One of the perpetrators was punished following due process of law. But there has been no visible follow-up as far as raising the issue with Pakistan is concerned. If the Centre had shown as much perseverance and spine as it is doing in taking on its internal political adversaries, we will be reassured that the likelihood of another 26/11 is remote.

N.K. Raveendran,


Post 26/11, huge gaps still exist in India’s security system specially in the metros. The recent terrorist attack that overwhelmed a shopping mall in Kenya should jolt us into action.

India’s major metros have 190 operational malls even as more than 60 opened across India in the last year alone. These malls have on average, footfalls of around 65,000 a day. Hence, efforts should continue towards better analysis of intelligence inputs and having more anti-terror drills. States also have inadequate resources to meet the security standards required.

Vivek George,


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