Trust Asha Bhosale to take the lead in the most unconventional ventures. The singer has now decided to team up with Grammy winning-sitar player Shujaat Khan to record an album in the style of the golden era; using only live musicians. Bhosale said the “mechanical nature” of recording songs currently made her decide on the collaborative effort. “Today songs are sung without feelings. Singers have turned into machines. Even for sad songs we sing a few bars, then sit down to a cup of tea. I wonder how one emotes in such a way?” That is what led to the effort to bring back the magic of live recordings into the studio. “I am not against electronic music but I feel people have forgotten the sound of Indian classical instruments. No matter how much fast food we eat, at the end of the day it’s daal-chawal we crave for,” remarked she. The duo plans a series of concerts, which they hope will once again recreate the magic of pure music.

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