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Among all possible gestural permutations when 47 world leaders gather together in one room, the meeting of hands which everyone seemed to be waiting for was between Prime Minister Manmohan S... »
A major international summit convened here by Barack Obama to discuss ways of improving the security of nuclear materials got under way on Monday with the American President underlining the import... »
Tries to balance long-term Indian partnership with need for immediate gains from Pakistan »
Misunderstandings abound over the summit agenda. »
Washington has been trying to garner international support for tightening screws on Tehran. »
By granting broad rights to the provinces and parliament, the 18th amendment to the constitution has opened a door for the long-term reconfiguration of politics and state power in Pakistan. And that's good news for India. »
The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is not willing unilaterally to “abjure violence” as Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram wants them to but is prepared to accept a mutual ceasefire... »
American suppliers unhappy with lack of “absolute liability” for operator »
Text rules out differences on nuclear activities as grounds for suspension »
When double standards take charge, it is the victims of communal violence who suffer, be they the Sikhs of Delhi, the Muslims of Gujarat or the Pandits of Kashmir. »
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