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In pitching for a more inclusive structure of global economic governance, the G20 may have set its sights on the future management of the world economy. But the single most important decision taken... »
The G20 on Friday inverted an apparently iron law of multilateral summitry --- that the significance of a final statement is inversely related to its length --- by turning in a bulky communi... »
The White House describes it as part of the process of "creating a 21st century international economic architecture” and analysts around the world have already hailed the G-20 as... »
Making a strong pitch for poor, developing countries that had been hit the hardest by the onset of a financial crisis they had no hand in causing, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the G20 summit... »
Iran’s decision to inform the International Atomic Energy Agency about a new pilot fuel enrichment plant it is building has been seized upon by the United States, and its allies as pro... »
India has argued that non-proliferation obligations arise from treaties to which states are parties and that any question of non-compliance has to be addressed in accordance with those treaties or... »
India’s response to the U.S.-sponsored resolution on non-proliferation may be worded diplomatically but there is no disguising the sharp differences between Washington and New Delhi that hav... »
Known today for the decimation of its traditional economy by globalisation, this former steel town in western Pennsylvania where the summit of G20 major economies gets under way on Thursday has a d... »
Though details of official talks at the ‘sherpa’ level are being kept a closely guarded secret by the 19 countries gathered here for the summit of the G20 (the 20th participant being th... »
Riding high on the recent arrest of senior Maoist leader Kopad Ghandy, the Manmohan Singh government is considering a major escalation of its war against Maoist insurgents across the country.<... »
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