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A potential crisis in bilateral relations with Washington was averted at the eleventh hour last month when the United States reversed a decision to deny visas to all Muslim journalists who w... »
The world is so accustomed to American presidents waging war that the first incumbent to promise diplomacy gets to win the Nobel peace prize regardless of what he does. »
The suicide attack on the Indian embassy compound in Kabul underlines a curious irony about the situation in Afghanistan: Despite playing no direct role in the American-led war against the T... »
Nuclear weapon states must recognise the inextricable link between nonproliferation and disarmament, says IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei. »
If terrorism will not compel India to settle outstanding disputes with Pakistan, keeping the dialogue process suspended indefinitely is not going to force Islamabad to be more mindful of New Delhi's concerns either. Both strategies have failed; it is time the two countries moved beyond them »
Tehran should be more transparent but its nuclear programme does not pose a threat that is imminent, says IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei. »
With American and European rhetoric over the Iranian nuclear issue heating up following Tehran’s recent disclosure of its plan to construct a second enrichment facility, International Atomic... »
Chinese diplomats may insist their policy of issuing a loose visa to Indian passport holders from Kashmir is not new but the fact is that scores of Kashmiris have travelled to China before o... »
In a move that has puzzled and annoyed South Block, the Chinese embassy in New Delhi has begun issuing visas to Indian passport holders from Jammu and Kashmir on a separate sheet of paper rather t... »
Notwithstanding its recent sponsorship of a U.N.resolution calling, inter alia, on all countries to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, the United States has assured India it remains... »
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