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Building ‘capitalism with Indian characteristics’ means decisions cannot ignore concerns of voters and communities »
The ease with which the Congress finally had its way on the presidency does not take away from the tough times that lie ahead »
The Supreme Court's proposal to impose guidelines on how to report cases will be harmful to press freedom and democracy, the bedrock of which is an informed public. »
Only the Food Bill and other pro-people reforms can end the Congress party's hand-to-mouth political existence. »
Nullifying the effect of the Nuclear Suppliers Group's ban on enrichment and reprocessing exports will require diplomatic finesse and commercial hardball. »
If the exercise on Tuesday is hesitant and small-scale, read it as a sign that the Congress has lost the will to fight. A bold reshuffle, on the other hand, will send out the opposite message. »
Nobody sheds a tear when the police harass ordinary citizens. But with the rich and powerful under the corruption scanner, the Prime Minister now fears a police state. »
The UPA government's unwillingness to act against the abuse of political and corporate power has created a vacuum which others are rushing to fill. »
Indian officials have spent the past week fighting off Western suggestions that they are in a race for influence in Africa with the Chinese. On Friday, their claim that India and China compl... »
Clearly one up on India in terms of the facilities for simultaneous translation it provides to MPs; the country has over 80 languages »
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