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In Maharashtra, where issues hurl themselves at you, the Opposition failed to mount a strong campaign on a single one of them. »
Growing numbers of elected representatives fund their poll campaigns with corporate backing. And growing numbers of people with a big business background have ventured directly into the electoral arena. »
Will the Congress-NCP gain from a multiplicity of fronts which could dissipate the anti-Congress vote? Or will the Shiv Sena-BJP benefit from the Third Front’s cutting into the Congress-NCP vote? »
It would be rash to conclude that the NREGS is breaking down social hierarchies big time. It is certainly calling them into question, though. »
There are more fronts in the fray across the State this time. And with multi-cornered contests in almost all seats, there could be some major upsets. »
It was about 6.30 in the evening on August 24. He broke away from addressing a gathering of bankers to have a chat with some of us on how the NREGS was doing in his State. And he was as concerned w... »
For the poor and landless, NREGS is clearly the lifeline. But many shop owners and rain-fed farmers in Anantapur, Kurnool and Mahbubnagar have also sought work under it. »
"Our drought is more than a drought of rain. The latter only made things worse." »
“My collections have fallen by over 50 per cent as compared to last year,” says a despondent Prashant Balki in Devdhari where we run into him patrolling the village on his motorb... »
“Truckloads of cattle have left this village,” says Maruti Yadavrao Panghate in Devdhari village of Yavatmal. “Many more will go. There is no fodder or water for them.” Pang... »
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