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The original report on ‘paid news' of the Press Council of India sub-committee is relegated to the archive. Then too, it does not even appear on the PCI's website. »
There was irony in the timing of the petrol price decontrol order. The decision, which also covered major hikes in diesel and kerosene prices, and affects hundreds of millions of people, cam... »
There is indeed a vital link between paid news and private treaties. One is in the political sphere . And, second, in the sphere of business and commerce. »
Bhopal marked the horrific beginning of a new era. One that signalled the collapse of restraint on corporate power. »
Mass weddings at low cost are one state-sponsored programme that has begun to work. The trend has begun to catch on. »
In village after village of crisis-hit Vidarbha region you can find many girls aged 25 or more unmarried because their parents can't afford it. This is a major source of tension in the community. »
Why do governments ignore the farm suicide numbers of the National Crime Records Bureau, when it is the only authentic source on the subject? »
Suicide notes in Vidarbha are at times addressed to the Prime Minister, the desperate last cries of voices that went unheeded when alive. »
Many projects for supplying water in Vidarbha remain on paper, though the money allotted is very real. »
Two years of drought has started to take its toll on the people of Vidarbha, with a failed crop leaving them with no income to tide over the crisis. »
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