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Worst figure in six years »
Even as the media celebrate the Mercedes Benz deal in the Marathwada region as a sign of “rural resurgence,” the latest data show that 17,368 farmers killed themselves in the year of the “resurgence.” »
Fifty thousand jobs? The U.S. economy has lost that many every week, on average, for a straight 140 weeks since December 2007. »
India has lost nearly a half-trillion dollars in illegal financial flows out of the country, says a new study by Global Financial Integrity. »
You can organise a Salman Khan meeting for Rs. 4,300 going by Ashok Chavan's poll expenditure account. »
Women have rarely held posts of political authority in Kerala. There are, though, processes at play that could alter some things, a sense that big changes are under way. They will account for over 50 per cent of all 21, 682 wards in the 1,209 local bodies going to the polls. »
In a few days from now, women could account for 52 per cent of all local bodies. »
When we have policies trample on people's rights, and people go to courts seeking redress, what should the courts do, Prime Minister? »
Maharashtra ended famine forever by passing an Act that deleted the word ‘famine' from all laws of the State. »
The NREGS is restricted. The PDS is targeted. Only exploitation is universal. »
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