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It accounted for well over a fifth of the total of 14,027 deaths in 2011 »
Congress, post-PRP merger, lost 62 per cent of their combined vote of 2009 »
A rural Indian spending Rs. 22.50 a day would not be considered poor by a Planning Commission whose Deputy Chairman's foreign trips between May and October last year cost a daily average of Rs. 2.02 lakh »
The same full page appeared twice in three years, the first time as news, the second time as an advertisement »
The crumbling of the Congress in its bastion in Andhra Pradesh is significant because in no other State does any political party hold as many Lok Sabha seats on its own as the Congress does here. »
To get the Below Poverty Line figures in perspective, we need to closely monitor the numbers driving the Corporate Plunder Line. »
Average per capita net availability of foodgrain declined in every five-year period of the 'reforms' without exception. In the 20 years preceding the reforms — 1972-1991 — it rose every five-year period without exception. »
A lesser man's career might have ended long ago. But Vilasrao Deshmukh is not a lesser man. His success mounts in inverse proportion to his achievements. »
The ‘bring-us-their-heads' humiliation in store for the Fab Four only hijacks the debate from what IPL is doing to Indian cricket. »
Kerala is feeling the ill-effects of an official policy that favoured disease-prone crossbreeds over low-maintenance native breeds. »
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