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Top civil society bodies are challenging the government’s ‘counter-affidavit’ in the Paid News case which seeks to gut the Election Commission’s powers »
The mistaken notion that the 53 per cent of India’s population ‘dependent on agriculture’ are all ‘farmers’ leads many to dismiss the massive farmers’ suicides as trivial »
The water markets of Marathwada are booming. In the town of Jalna alone, tanker owners transact between Rs.6 million and Rs.7.5 million in water sales each day »
Since 2005-06, taxes and duties for the corporate world and the rich have been written off at the rate of Rs.7 million a minute on average. Duties waived on gold and diamonds in the last 36 months equal the 2G scam amount »
How we use water can be as important as how much water we have. Who owns or controls that water will prove crucial »
The entire U.S. agrarian structure and policy is geared towards serving the corporate sector and against small family farms »
America’s profile is changing fast. In a 2011 count, for the first time ever, babies born in minority groups outnumbered White new-borns. »
The polarisation that is emerging between the U.S. presidential camps, with colour as a major element, will haunt America in elections to come »
When a natural calamity strikes during the intensely media-scrutinised American presidential campaign, there is no escaping the politics of the disaster »
In the last Obama-Romney debate, there was absolutely no mention of the financial costs, casualties and lessons from America’s military outings »
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