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In the creative world, irony and coincidence are cousins. But these enchanting devices rarely help journalists to do their work. On the contrary, they have the potential to torpedo good journalism.... »
It is a self-defeating exercise for an ombudsman to plan his year-end column in advance. Last month, I had an opportunity to read excerpts from singer T.M. Krishna’s A Southern Music: The Karna... »
If Dale Carnegie were to write his bestseller ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ now, he would certainly discourage one from taking up the job of a newspaper ombudsman. The inherent nature... »
There are queries as to why the coverage in The Hindu of sting operations by activist media was on a low-key. The questions pertain to some of the recent expose that include Amit Shah’s ille... »
Some defining moments happened last week. We lost Nelson Mandela. We heard The Guardian editor defending his paper in exposing the overreach of spying agencies before the British Parliament... »
The public anger and the sense of betrayal over the unacceptable, condemnable behaviour of Tehelka’s editor-in-Chief, Tarun Tejpal, are not just about individual propriety and crime but als... »
I have been receiving mails often about the moderation policy for the comments posted on The Hindu portal. Let me share excerpts from some of the mails we have received so far. Ta... »
There have been queries from The Hindu’s readers on the change brought about at the helm of the editorial in late October and what it meant to them. I had to press the pause button a little... »
Over the past five years, Bali has become an exciting site for mutual learning in journalism. I am fresh out of the Bali Media Forum where 70 representatives of editors, journalists’ groups, press... »
There are many lessons to be learnt from the publication and subsequent “Correction” (October 29, 2013) issued for the story titled “»
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