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The proliferation of digital platforms is posing a major challenge to the print media today to be relevant, interesting and true to its core values and cardinal principles. This challenge sometime... »
Some readers feel that I jumped the gun and celebrated freedom, and failed to anticipate what happened to academician Ashish Nandy in Jaipur, filmmaker Kamal Haasan in Tamil Nadu and writer Salman... »
One of the writers to the Readers’ Editor, Alan Herbert from Auroville, recently commented that my columns have “a tendency to generalise, to favour the general over the particular and to inhabit... »
In September 2012, when I was appointed as the Readers’ Editor I made a solemn promise to the readers that “I will strive to do my best to be an effective interface between The Hindu’s... »
My first job as the Readers’ Editor is to be a committed reader of this newspaper. No section of the paper is secondary to the other. In the last few days, there was a flurry of mails following th... »
The irony of democracy is that the two important pillars of democracy — politics and media — are the most pilloried professions. While I leave the task of defending politics to political scientist... »
One of the advantages of being a journalist is the opportunity the profession provides to learn analogously. Every journalist learns something while reporting, and learns from diverse sources. Pol... »
One of the most important elements of my work is to respond to readers’ complaints and redress them. The most recurrent among the complaints is about the “Letters to the Editor” section. I receive... »
The debate over an editorial, “The hangman’s justice” (November 22, 2012) is refusin... »
It was a moment of personal reckoning. As Lord Justice Leveson gave his statement at the QE-II conference centre calling for an “independent self-regulating mechanism backed by a requisite underpin... »
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